Bill Tracker

The 64th Wyoming Legislative Session is rolling along. Here is a list of some of the bills we are following. Please check in here periodically for updates. Click on the hyperlinks to see the latest actions  on these bills. Additionally, you will find more detailed information on all of the proposed legislation at:

Please note: when we are no longer following a bill, we will leave it on our list, but it will no longer be listed in bold font.    

In the House:

HB0001 General government appropriations.

HB0016 Possession of marihuana products.

HB0017 Child support amendments.

HB0026 Post-conviction relief.

HB0041 Hemp extract revisions.

HB0042 Justice reform-graduated sanctions.

HB0050 Child endangerment resulting in abuse or sexual assault. 

HB0062 Hemp extracts-amendments.

HB0064 Use of hemp extracts.

HB0071 Child custody.

HB0081 CHIP-state administration.

HB0086 Medicaid birth cost recovery.

HB0096 Healthcare provider sexual assault protections.

HB0099 Prescription and possession of FDA approved drugs.

HB105 Prohibition on sanctuary cities and counties.

HB0114 Expungement of juvenile records.

HB0115 Restrictions on public benefits.

HB0117 Domestic abuse-adverse landlord actions and phone numbers.

HB0124 Health care transparency act.

HB0127 Online obscenity prevention.

HB0137 Wyoming Higher Education Free Speech Protection Act.

HB0141 Concealed weapons in places of worship.

HB0146 Equal pay-penalties.  

HB0148 Medicaid and SNAP-eligibility requirements.

HB0155 Consolidated prevention services.

HB0167 The Marriage and Constitution Restoration Act.

HB0168 Stand your ground-2.

HB0171 Minimum Wage.

HB0189 Death penalty repeal.

HJ0001  Pornography as a public health crisis.

HJ0006 Term limits.

HJ0007 Taxpayer’s bill of rights.

In the Senate:

SF0001 General government appropriations-2.

SF0002 Legislative budget.

SF0019 Uniformity in domestic violence law.

SF0020  Custody in the best interest of the children.

SF0023  Possession of nonplant form marihuana.

SF0066  Volunteer health care.

SF0071  Stand your ground.

SF0078 Opioid addiction task force.

SF0080 Vulnerable adults.

SF0083 Controlled substance prescription tracking.

SF0085 Certificate of nonviable birth.

SF0088 Health care reforn.

SF0093 Child sexual abuse education and prevention. 

SF0095 Medicare discrimination.

SF0096 Early childhood education.

SF097 Medicaid and SNAP-eligibility requirements-2.

SF105 Drug Donation Program Act-expansion.