Below are just a few of the bills of interest that are still alive this week.

SF0002 – Legislative budget

SF0097 – Born alive infant-means of care

HB0197 – Abortion-48 hour waiting period

SF0131 – Human heartbeat protection act  

HB0010 – Human trafficking-penalty for subsequent conviction

HB0026 – Tribal ID for voting

HB0046 – Special education funding

HB0048 – Voyeurism-amendments

 HB0098 – Defend the Guard Act

HB0108 – Ban on sanctuary cities and counties

HB0120 – CHIP-state administration

HB0123 – Pharmacists prescribing contraceptives

HB0127 – Prohibition of female genital mutilation

HB0144 – Minimum wage

HB0152 – Student hazing

HB0210 – Modifying termination of parental rights requirements

HB0212 – Select committee on tribal relations

SF0008 – Missing and murdered persons and other events-cooperation

SF0010 – Warrants for digital records

SF0079 – School safety and security

SF0117 – First responder workplace mental injury coverage

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