Below are just a few of the bills of interest that are still alive this week.

SF0002 – Legislative budget

SF0097 – Born alive infant-means of care

HB0197 – Abortion-48 hour waiting period

SF0131 – Human heartbeat protection act  

HB0010 – Human trafficking-penalty for subsequent conviction

HB0026 – Tribal ID for voting

HB0046 – Special education funding

HB0048 – Voyeurism-amendments

 HB0098 – Defend the Guard Act

HB0108 – Ban on sanctuary cities and counties

HB0120 – CHIP-state administration

HB0123 – Pharmacists prescribing contraceptives

HB0127 – Prohibition of female genital mutilation

HB0144 – Minimum wage

HB0152 – Student hazing

HB0210 – Modifying termination of parental rights requirements

HB0212 – Select committee on tribal relations

SF0008 – Missing and murdered persons and other events-cooperation

SF0010 – Warrants for digital records

SF0079 – School safety and security

SF0117 – First responder workplace mental injury coverage

Update 2/12/2020 Evening

There was good news and bad news out of the Capitol today. First, the bad news.

Our effort to repeal the death penalty was defeated by a failed introduction vote which needed a 2/3 majority. The vote was 37 for repeal, 23 against so we missed it by 3 votes. Next session we will only need a simple majority to pass both chambers. So, we will keep working.

To see how your Representative voted go here: and click on the “Digest” tab.

The good news is SF97 Born alive infant-means of care passed the Senate 2/3 introductory vote by 22 in favor, 7 against and 1 absent. The bill still has a long way to go just to pass the first chamber but it was assigned to Senate Labor/Health where there will be an opportunity for public testimony. At this time, the vote count does not seem to be tallied, but I believe by tonight, you should be able to see it here:

Please consider contacting legislators who voted for these two bills and thanking them.

And, for those of you who did contact your legislators, thank you!!!

Updated 2/12/2020

The Wyoming Legislature kicked off Monday with Governor Gordon’s State of the State address. You can watch the address here:

Wednesday is the cutoff for new bills to be filed and every bill must pass an introduction vote by Friday or they will time out.

There are many bills to watch. Two direct life related bills are:

  1. HB0166 – Death penalty repeal– Numbered in honor of the 166 individuals who were sentenced to death and later exonerated. The bill has 40 sponsors! But we still need a minimum of 40 Representatives in the House to get the bill introduced.
  2. HB0197 – Abortion 48 hour waiting period was filed Tuesday and will likely face an introduction vote in the House Thursday or Friday.

Call or email your Representative and ask them to vote to introduce these two important bills.

Rep contact information

  1. SF0097 – Born alive infant-means of care

In another era, the need for such legislation would be unthinkable. But when abortion providers in Wyoming publicity admitted several years ago that they refuse to follow existing reporting laws (because there was no penalty for not doing so at the time) it became evident that our statutes need to be very clear and remove any potential loop holes. Contact your Senator and ask them to vote yes to introduce SF 97.

Senator contact information  

Please remember to be kind and respectful when communicating with legislators.

Finally, for a list of all bills, go here:  Legislation – 2020