Diocese of Cheyenne: Contraceptive Mandate Settlement

Last week, K2 radio posted and interview with Bishop Steven regarding the Diocese’s settlement with the federal government over the HHS Contraceptive mandate. You can see the post here.

Though people may disagree about the best way to reform our healthcare system in the U.S., many agree that significant change is needed. However, we shouldn’t assume that we all agree about what healthcare means.

The Church does not view fertility as a disease that needs to be treated. In fact, fertility is a sign of health. This is witnessed by many Americans who struggle with infertility and spend a significant amount of money each year trying remedy the fact that, biologically, something is not working as it should.

Once a people become convinced that fertility is a disease, it is a very small step to then believe that the product of fertilization, a child in the womb, is also a problem that needs to be “solved.”


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