Brief Summary

Here is a snapshot of the bills we were following this session, as well as their latest status.

Sanctity of Life

 House Bill 116 – prohibitions on use of aborted fetal tissue; passed

House Bill 182 – requirement to offer ultrasound; passed. (Both this and the bill above will be signed tomorrow by Governor Mead.)

House Bill 250 – abortion reporting and other abortion-related laws; failed.

Senate File 150 – funding of long-acting reversible contraceptives; failed.

House Bill 240 – repeal of death penalty; failed.

Senate File 088 – advisory council on palliative care; passed.

House Bill 122 – “death with dignity”; failed.

Senate File 042 – opiate overdose emergency treatment; passed. Signed by the governor on March 6th.

Marriage, Family, Children and Education 

 House Bill 099   ‒ marriage certificates; failed.

House Bill 153 – parental rights; passed.

House Bill 140 – minimum wage; failed.

House Bill 236 – school funding; passed.

House Bill 076 – American Indian education; passed.

House Bill 159 – homeless minors; passed. (To be signed by Governor Mead tomorrow.)

Senate File 129 – sexual assault by school employee; passed.

Rights and Liberty

House Bill 144 – new trial for actual innocence; failed.

House Bill 094 – criminal justice reform; failed.

House Bill 135 – government nondiscrimination; failed.

Senate File 153 – employment discrimination; failed.

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